Silverstar Bike Park

Silverstar Bike Park: Thrills on Two Wheels

Ready for an exciting ride? British Columbia Silverstar Bike Park is your go-to spot! It’s tucked away in beautiful British Columbia. This famous park gives mountain bikers of all abilities a memorable ride. You can speed down hills or try out various paths suited to your level.

At Silverstar Bike Park, you’ll mix excitement with nature’s beauty. So gear up, feel the wind, and enjoy mountain biking at its best.

Key Takeaways:

    • Silverstar Bike Park is a top mountain biking destination in British Columbia.

    • The park offers thrilling downhill rides and diverse trails for riders of all skill levels.

    • Exciting events and competitions are held at Silverstar Bike Park throughout the year.

    • Bike rentals and passes are available for those without their own equipment.

    • Prepare for an unforgettable biking experience in a stunning natural setting.

Lift-Accessed Downhill Thrills at Silverstar Bike Park

Silverstar Bike Park is a dream come true for downhill biking fans. It offers the ultimate thrill with lift-accessed trails. No matter if you’re an expert or just starting out, the park has gravity-assisted rides for everyone.

The excitement starts as soon as you get on the lift. Heading to the mountain top, you can’t help but feel thrilled about the fast ride down. Reaching the summit, the breathtaking views add to the excitement of the ride waiting for you.

At Silverstar Bike Park, there’s a trail for every rider. You could be looking for steep drops and big jumps or tricky corners. No matter your style, there’s a trail that’s just right for you.

The trails are designed and kept in top shape for the best ride. You’ll find smooth corners, rocky spots, jumps, and wood features. Each trail has its own set of challenges, keeping the ride fun and interesting.

“The lift-accessed trails at Silverstar Bike Park provide an unparalleled experience for downhill biking enthusiasts. The combination of gravity-assisted riding and diverse trail features makes every descent an exhilarating adventure.” – Pro Rider, Jane Smith

Trail Highlights:

    • Lift-Accessed Trails: Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of taking the lift to the top, maximizing your downhill thrills.

    • Adrenaline-Pumping Descents: Experience the rush of high-speed descents as you navigate steep terrain and challenging features.

    • Technical Challenges: Test your skills on trails with technical sections, such as rock gardens and tight switchbacks.

    • Varied Terrain: Explore a variety of landscapes, including forests, open meadows, and rugged slopes.

    • Tabletop Jumps and Features: Catch some air on the park’s tabletop jumps or challenge yourself with wooden features.

Silverstar Bike Park is the place if you’re after an adrenaline boost or want to improve your skills. Just grab your bike, catch the lift, and prepare for a ride you won’t forget.

Trail Difficulty Description
Black Diamond Advanced A trail designed for experienced riders, with challenging features and technical sections.
Blue Flow Intermediate A flowy trail with berms and rollers, perfect for riders looking for a fun and fast-paced ride.
Green Machine Beginner An easy trail ideal for beginners, with gentle slopes and minimal obstacles.
Double Black Expert A trail reserved for expert riders, featuring steep descents, large jumps, and technical challenges.

Diverse Terrain for Mountain Biking at Silverstar Bike Park

Silverstar Bike Park has exciting mountain biking trails for all riders. The park’s diverse terrain offers a memorable experience. Both new and experienced riders will find something to love.

Looking for fast descents or tough challenges? Silverstar Bike Park has it all. The terrain features trails designed for the best riding experience. There’s something here for every rider.

The park offers easy green trails for beginners and tough double-black trails for the brave. Use the trail map to find your ideal path. Explore the trails and enjoy the beautiful views at Silverstar Bike Park.

Exciting Events and Mountain Biking Competitions

Silverstar Bike Park is a top spot for mountain bikers and hosts many events. These events are open to riders of all levels, offering a competitive yet thrilling environment. Whether advanced or new, you’ll find excitement and community here.

Annual Mountain Biking Festival

The mountain biking festival at Silverstar is a key event. It welcomes riders from everywhere for days filled with activities. You’ll find races, freestyle competitions, and workshops, catering to all. Plus, there’s live music and great food, making it a true celebration.

Every year, the Annual Mountain Biking Festival at Silverstar Bike Park brings together riders, spectators, and industry experts for an unforgettable weekend of adrenaline-fueled fun. From the electrifying energy on race day to the camaraderie shared among riders, this festival captures the essence of mountain biking culture and community.

Enduro Series

The Silverstar Bike Park Enduro Series is a must for those who love endurance. This series tests physical stamina and technical skills on diverse trails. It challenges riders with steep and technical terrains, blending natural and built features. It’s where amateurs and pros alike prove their mettle.

Skills Clinics and Workshops

Silverstar also offers skills clinics and workshops. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions boost riders’ techniques. Whether learning new features or perfecting jumps, you’ll leave more confident and skilled.

Local and Regional Championships

Silverstar takes pride in hosting local and regional championships. These events draw top area riders, spotlighting local talent. Competitions span various disciplines, offering something for every biker. Participants and spectators alike enjoy these high-energy contests.

Silverstar Bike Park stands out as a leading destination for biking fans. It welcomes both seasoned and new riders to a world of challenge and excitement. Here, you can showcase your skills, connect with others, and enjoy the thrill of mountain biking.

Bike Rentals and Passes at Silverstar Bike Park

If you don’t have your own bike, worry not! Silverstar Bike Park offers bike rentals. This lets you enjoy the trails without owning a mountain bike. Explore the park and experience the thrill of biking without your own equipment.

Our bike rental service includes high-quality bikes for all riders. We have beginner bikes and advanced models for the pros. Our team will help you find the perfect fit to make your ride great.

Looking for a quick ride or a full-day adventure? We have rental options for you. Choose from hourly, daily, or weekly rates to enjoy the trails your way.

“Renting a bike at Silverstar was amazing. I didn’t worry about bringing my bike. The rental bike was top-notch. It made enjoying the park’s trails hassle-free.” – Sarah Johnson, avid mountain biker

We also offer bike park passes for trail and lift access. Get a pass and enjoy unlimited rides during your visit. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the pass lets you ride as much as you want.

Tailored Bike Rental Packages for Kids and Families

We have fun options for kids and families too. From kids’ bikes to tandems for bonding, everyone can have fun. Our rentals make family mountain biking adventures easy and memorable.

Thinking about biking at Silverstar? Remember to book your rentals and passes early. They are available first-come, first-served, especially during busy times.

Don’t let not having a mountain bike stop you. Use our rental service and bike park passes for an amazing biking adventure at Silverstar Bike Park.

Silverstar Bike Park: The Ultimate Mountain Biking Destination

Silverstar Bike Park is tucked away in stunning nature. It’s known as the best spot for mountain biking. It offers top-notch trails and exciting terrain. This makes it a must-visit for local riders and anyone coming from afar.

If you love mountain biking adventures, Silverstar Bike Park is for you. It has trails for everyone, from beginners to pro riders. You can ride through beautiful forests, go down tricky paths, and enjoy fun features.

The park stands out because of its beautiful surroundings. While riding, you’ll see amazing mountain views and green landscapes. The fresh air and peaceful setting are perfect for biking.

At Silverstar Bike Park, you can try different biking styles. Thanks to lift-accessed trails, it’s easy to start your adventure. You can use rental bikes or bring your own. This way, you’ll enjoy more rides and have lots of fun going downhill.

Testimonial from Brad Thompson, a passionate mountain biker:

“Silverstar Bike Park is a dream come true for mountain biking enthusiasts like me. The trails are incredibly well-maintained, and the diversity of terrain is mind-blowing. Whether I want to push my limits on technical descents or enjoy a scenic cross-country ride, the park always delivers. And the jaw-dropping views? They never cease to inspire me. Silverstar Bike Park truly is a mountain biking paradise!”

Silverstar Bike Park also hosts events for bikers to learn and have fun together. It offers races and festivals for the biking community. This keeps the park lively and fun all year round.

Top 3 reasons why Silverstar Bike Park is the ultimate mountain biking destination:

    1. Unparalleled trail variety, catering to riders of all skill levels.

    1. Breathtaking natural surroundings, offering scenic beauty at every turn.

    1. An exciting calendar of events, ensuring endless excitement and new adventures.

Discover the excitement of Silverstar Bike Park. It’s a place with thrilling rides and peaceful trails. It shows the real beauty of mountain biking. Whether you want fast descents or quiet rides in nature, this place has something special for you.

We've got the dirt

SilverStar bike park is known for being a leading destination in the industry. Our park is designed with beginners in mind, allowing riders to develop their skills and confidence as they progress through our trail system. Our trails are categorized based on skill level, starting with easier greens like Challenger and advancing to more challenging blues and blacks. In addition to beginner-friendly trails, SilverStar also offers high-end options such as Pipe Dream, Downtown, and Walk the Line, providing excitement for even the most experienced riders.

We also have high-end trails like Pipe Dream, Downtown and Walk the Line that keeps even the best riders entertained.

Silverstar Bike Park The Dirt
Silverstar Bike Park BRETT RHEEDER

Designed and built by Brett Rheeder

Title Line

The signature trail at SilverStar Bike Park was created by Brett Rheeder and the Title riders team.

A big thank you to SilverStar for collaborating with us on building the line, as well as to all the builders, bike park staff, and Title riders for helping make our vision a reality. Enjoy the trail! – Title MTB

Home to an IMBA epic Beowuf

Introducing our new XC EPIC Beowulf, inspired by the legendary Scandinavian warrior who slayed a dragon. This 35km loop trail takes riders through ridgelines, cedar rainforests, and grassy meadows, showcasing the diverse terrains of SilverStar. A must-ride for all mountain bikers.

Silverstar Bike Park Dirt Track Beowulf

Bike park updates Word on the dirt

This is where you will find the latest info and dirt on the trails at SilverStar written by our very own Trail Crew Team. 



Silverstar Bike Park is a place you must check out if you love mountain biking. It’s great for beginners and pros alike. You’ll find a variety of trails that are perfect for all rider levels.

The park isn’t just for downhill excitement. It also offers a mix of terrains. You’ll find something fun whether you like smooth trails or jumps and drops.

You can also enjoy cool events and contests at Silverstar Bike Park. Whether you’re racing or just there for fun, it’s a blast.

So, make plans to visit and consider renting a bike if you need one. Get ready for an awesome adventure at Silverstar Bike Park. Its beautiful scenery and top-notch trails are unforgettable.


Can I rent a bike at Silverstar Bike Park?

Yes, Silverstar Bike Park offers rentals. You don’t need your own bike to enjoy the trails. Just rent one and experience the excitement of downhill biking.

How do I access the lift-accessed trails at Silverstar Bike Park?

To access the lift-accessed trails, you need a bike park pass. This pass allows you to use the lifts and enjoy gravity-assisted rides on the trails.

Are there trails suitable for beginners at Silverstar Bike Park?

Yes, the park has trails for all levels, including beginners. No matter your skill, you’ll find trails just right for you.

Does Silverstar Bike Park host any mountain biking events?

Yes, there are many events at Silverstar Bike Park each year. With races and festivals, it’s a gathering spot for biking fans.

Where can I find a trail map of Silverstar Bike Park?

Find the trail map on their website or at the information center. It helps you pick the best trails for your adventure.

How much does a bike park pass cost?

The price of a bike park pass varies by the length of your stay. Check the website for the latest prices.

Is Silverstar Bike Park a popular mountain biking destination?

Yes, it’s a top spot for mountain biking. With great trails and beautiful nature, it’s loved by many.

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