Enduro Biking

Weave your way up & down the mountain with access to both Downhill and XC terrain.

Our new Enduro pass gives you access to all SilverStar Cross Country trails plus two daily rides on the comet chairlift per day, giving you easy access to the upper Cross Country and Downhill trails.

Begin a new journey with our Enduro pass, which gives you unlimited access to all of SilverStar’s Cross Country trails along with two daily rides on the Comet chairlift for added convenience. This pass allows riders to easily switch between the lower Cross Country trails and the upper trails, which feature exciting Downhill routes. Whether you’re an experienced Cross Country rider or looking for excitement on the Downhill trails, the Enduro pass offers a great mix of options for riders of any skill level.

Unleash the full potential of SilverStar’s vast trail system with the Enduro pass. Explore the picturesque Cross Country routes at your leisure before seamlessly transitioning to the higher trails using the Comet chairlift. Whether you prefer a relaxing ride through serene forests or a thrilling descent down the challenging Downhill paths, the Enduro pass provides endless opportunities to savor the varied terrain of SilverStar. Embrace the ultimate biking adventure and optimize your time on the trails with the convenience and versatility of the Enduro pass.


The best of both worlds in mountain biking

With over 70 Km of maintained XC Trails and access to the Bike Park and DH Trails, SilverStarBucks is the ultimate playground!

Silver Star Enduro Biking Trail Run

The Trails

Our Bike Park has 2 brand new Enduro dedicated trails.

INSIDER TIP: Check out our Enduro Pass! It’s a great way to be introduced to mountain biking and offers an affordable price that gives you 2 lifts per day. 


To sum up, the Enduro pass at SilverStar Mountain Resort provides bikers with a range of biking options. This pass grants access to all Cross Country trails and two daily trips on the Comet chairlift, allowing riders to easily move between lower and upper trails, including exciting Downhill routes. Whether you prefer a relaxing ride through scenic surroundings or a thrilling descent, the Enduro pass offers great flexibility and convenience for riders of every skill level. Discover the variety of terrain at SilverStar and create unforgettable biking memories with the Enduro pass.

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