Gnome Roam

Do you have what it takes to find our Silver Star Gnomes?

Discover a fun and magical experience for the whole family at Silver Star Holiday Resort with Gnome Roam. Follow the mischievous gnomes on a whimsical journey through the beautiful landscapes of the resort. Get ready for a blend of fun, exploration, and imagination that will create unforgettable memories for visitors of all ages.

When you walk along the Gnome Roam trail, you’ll come across adorable gnome homes, playful sculptures, and secret treasures just waiting to be found. Every step reveals new wonders and joys, sparking laughter, curiosity, and a feeling of amazement. Whether you’re hunting for hints, taking pictures, or just taking in the sights, Gnome Roam welcomes families to bond with nature and one another in a fun and happy setting. Come join us at Silver Star Holiday Resort and let the enchantment of Gnome Roam make unforgettable memories for your whole family.

For information on the Gnome Roam, stop by the Village Ticket Office and pick up a map before heading out to catch glimpses of our resident SilverStar Gnomes tucked away in the trees around Brewer’s Pond.



Discover a mystical gnome world

The Silver Star Gnome Roam takes visitors on a gentle self-guided tour of the mystical Gnome world of the mountain village where they will, likely, catch a glimpse of our resident SilverStarBucks Gnome

Silver Star Gnome Roam - Gnome Tree

The Challenge

With 132 marked runs, a vertical drop of 760m (2,500ft) and a broad variety of terrain types there is so much to explore. 



Experience the wonder and joy of Gnome Roam at Silver Star Holiday Resort, where magical adventures await the whole family. Follow the playful gnomes on their whimsical journey through the resort’s scenic landscapes, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. With each step along the trail, discover charming gnome homes, delightful sculptures, and hidden treasures, igniting laughter, curiosity, and awe in visitors of all ages. Whether you’re searching for clues, capturing moments with photos, or simply enjoying the scenery, Gnome Roam offers a magical opportunity for families to connect with nature and each other. Join us at Silver Star Holiday Resort and let the enchantment of Gnome Roam add an extra touch of magic to your family getaway. Don’t forget to stop by the Village Ticket Office for a map to guide you on your adventure and uncover the secrets of our beloved SilverStar Gnomes nestled among the trees around Brewer’s Pond.

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