Paradise Camp

Paradise Camp is SilverStar's only full-service restaurant on the slopes

Located on the stunning Powder Gulch at SilverStar, Paradise Camp is a hidden treasure for skiers and snowboarders wanting a break from their mountain escapades.
Surrounded by beautiful alpine views, this peaceful getaway not only offers breathtaking scenery but also serves as a gourmet haven fully equipped to satisfy your appetite and desires.
“Paradise Camp offers a convenient dining option for those exploring the trails at SilverStar. Instead of returning to the village for a midday meal, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy a delicious hot meal or freshly baked cinnamon buns right on the slopes. Take a break from your adventure, relax, and savor the unique dining experience that Paradise Camp has to offer in the beautiful snowy surroundings of SilverStar. Let the flavors of Paradise Camp enhance your mountain getaway and make it truly unforgettable.”

"Getting ready at the only full-service restaurant in Silverstar"

Get ready for a delicious meal at SilverStar’s only full-service restaurant located on the slopes in British Columbia. Enjoy a variety of options including hot breakfasts, lunches, baked goods, and tasty hot drinks.

Paradise Camp is located at the top of Powder Gulch on the backside of SilverStar. If you’re shredding the backside, there’s no need to head back to the village for lunch because Paradise Camp is fully licensed and is the perfect place to take a break, and enjoy a hot meal, or an unforgettable cinnamon bun.

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Top of Powder Gulch Express, Silver Star Mountain, BC V1B 3M1 
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PHONE: 1.800.663.4431 


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“In summary, Paradise Camp serves as a convenient and delicious food option for those exploring the trails of SilverStar. With a variety of hot meals and freshly baked treats available slope-side, skiers and snowboarders can easily refuel without having to make the trip back to the village. Guests can take a break from their adventure, enjoy a moment of relaxation, and savor a special dining experience surrounded by the snowy landscape of SilverStar. Let the delicious meals at Paradise Camp elevate your mountain vacation and turn it into a memorable journey filled with warmth, flavor, and lasting memories in the stunning setting of the slopes.”

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