Silverstar Gondola Rides

Ride the Des Schumann summit express Gondola to the summit and take in spectacular valley views with access to our mountain-top hiking trails.

Are you looking for a peaceful walk in nature or an exciting hike to discover hidden gems? Silver Star Mountain Resort provides a memorable outdoor adventure for all ages. Breathe in the fresh mountain air as you wander the trails, taking in the stunning views and enjoying the peace of the alpine setting. With plenty of chances to connect with nature and discover the beauty of the mountains, a day at Silver Star guarantees memories that will stay with you forever.

Escape the summer heat by enjoying the cool mountain air at Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia. Explore the beautiful landscapes filled with colorful wildflowers and hidden patches of wild berries. Take a hike along the upper mountain trails and get up close with the local wildlife. Use your SilverStar Gondola Ride tickets for unlimited access and enjoy the stunning views at your own pace.



Take in the valley view from Silverstar Ggondola Rides high up in the mountains

Take a ride up and walk down, or take the ride in both ways. The Gondola Rides is wheelchair accessible and pet-friendly. 

Silver Star Gonola Cable Cars

Gondola Rides

Enjoy the cooler mountain air, view the wildflowers, forage for wild berries, or hike our upper mountain trails for a chance to see local wildlife. Your SilverStar Gondola Rides ticket includes unlimited access for the day!


Escape to the tranquility and beauty of nature at Silver Star Mountain Resort, where each step promises adventure and discovery. Whether you prefer a leisurely walk or a thrilling hike, our trails offer something for everyone, no matter their skill level. Allow the crisp mountain air to revive your soul as you wander through the breathtaking landscapes, filled with colorful wildflowers and lively wildlife. With your SilverStar Gondola Ride tickets, you have the freedom to explore the majestic scenery at your own pace. Embrace the peace of the alpine surroundings and make unforgettable memories at Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia.

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