For dry champagne powder and stunning terrain there's no better place to be

Head to Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia for an exciting skiing adventure. With 132 runs spread across 3,282 acres, skiers of all levels can find the perfect slopes to practice and improve their skills. Beginners will enjoy the well-maintained runs and wide open spaces of Vance Creek to boost their confidence on the mountain. Meanwhile, seasoned thrill-seekers can test their mettle by tackling the challenging terrain accessible via the high-speed Powder Gulch Quad. Venture to the backside of the mountain to conquer double black diamond runs and steep chutes, experiencing the ultimate adrenaline rush against the breathtaking backdrop of British Columbia’s majestic landscapes.

Silver Star Mountain Resort is a paradise for skiing lovers, with 12 gladded areas conveniently served by 10 lifts for easy transportation around the resort. Whether you prefer cruising down easy slopes or tackling challenging descents, each run guarantees a thrilling experience. The diverse terrain and breathtaking natural surroundings at Silver Star ensure a memorable skiing expedition for all seeking excitement on the slopes in British Columbia’s pristine wilderness.

Explore 3,282 acres (1,328 hectares) with 132 runs and 12 gladed areas serviced by 10 lifts. Skiers of all levels love the perfectly groomed runs and wide open spaces of Vance Creek. For those up to a challenge, jump on the high speed Powder Gulch Quad and access the double black diamonds and steep chutes on the back side.

Explore some of the best skiing in the British Columbia Silver Star

SilverStar Mountain has incredible terrain from long green and blue cruisers, to steep powder-filled chutes.

Silver Star Ski Scenery

The Terrine

With 132 marked runs, a vertical drop of 760m (2,500ft) and a broad variety of terrain types there is so much to explore. 

  • 15%  Easiest + Silver Queen Beginners Area, with Quad Chair lift access
  • 40% Intermediate
  • 35% Most Difficult
  • 10% Extreme

The Snow

SilverStar sees an average of 700cm+ (275icnhes) of fresh snow a season, and with no snowmaking required you get to enjoy 100% all-natural snow! 

Award-winning grooming

Each night, our award winning grooming team delivers immaculately groomed runs. Nightly winch-cat grooming on the back side creates steep fall line cruising that will leave you breathless.


Experience the ultimate skiing adventure at Silver Star Mountain Resort in British Columbia and create unforgettable memories. Spanning over 3,282 acres with 132 runs for skiers of all abilities, Silver Star guarantees thrills and enjoyment for every fan. Whether you’re starting out on the gentle slopes of Vance Creek or tackling the intense double black diamonds of Powder Gulch Quad, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this stunning resort set against the breathtaking backdrop of British Columbia’s stunning scenery.

When you ski at Silver Star Mountain Resort, you will find the pure joy of the sport as you navigate the slopes and explore the 12 wooded areas serviced by 10 lifts. Whether you are smoothly carving turns or bravely tackling steep descents, each run provides an exhilarating mix of excitement and scenic wonder, guaranteeing a memorable experience in the untouched wilderness of British Columbia. This resort is a paradise for skiing enthusiasts, inviting thrill-seekers from all over to enjoy its wide range of activities and make lasting memories on the snowy mountains.

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