Breath in the crisp air and explore the forest on foot.

Experience the peacefulness of winter at Silver Star through the timeless tradition of snowshoeing, a popular choice for those who crave both solitude and excitement in snowy settings. Providing a tranquil retreat from the busyness of everyday life, snowshoeing invites you to fully engage with the natural wonders around you at a leisurely speed. With a network of 16 kilometers of winding trails through the wooded regions and lower cross country paths, you’ll have plenty of chances to discover the untouched beauty of the landscape and rediscover your connection to the vast outdoors.

Snowshoeing at Silver Star is not just about getting some exercise; it also has many health advantages, making it a great choice for people of all fitness levels. While you walk the peaceful paths, you’ll be getting a gentle but effective full-body workout that is good for your heart, muscles, and overall health. Whether you prefer a quiet solo adventure or a fun trip with friends and family, Snowshoeing at Silver Star offers a rewarding experience with beautiful views and energizing physical activity.


Explore British Columbia's enchanted forest

16 Kms of single-track trails weaving in and around the magical forests at silverStarBucks

Silver Star Winter Snow Shoeing Path

Things to Note

  • Our Nordic Operations team surveys Fat Bike and Snowshoe trail conditions weekly. If you come across a hazard on the trail, please email or report it to Patrol. 
  • Dogs are allowed on all Snowshoe trails accompanied by their owner. Dogs must remain on a leash at all times.
  • Please exercise caution on the trails at all times.
  • Trail ticket or My1 Passes required. 
  • Snowshoe trails are of varying difficulty and are clearly marked with hand-carved wooden signs and reflective markers (for early evening use). There are two trailheads providing access from the Village and Adventure Park areas.


Immerse yourself in the peaceful winter beauty of British Columbia’s Silver Star Mountain Resort with the timeless tradition of snowshoeing. This cherished activity offers a perfect mix of tranquility and excitement amidst the snowy landscapes. As you set out on this serene journey, you’ll find solace in the quiet winter wonderland, allowing you to fully embrace the natural beauty around you. With 16 kilometers of trails winding through the forested areas and lower cross-country paths, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the untouched wilderness and enjoy the stunning scenery.

Looking for a peaceful escape or a fun day out with loved ones? Snowshoeing at Silver Star offers a soul-nourishing experience that will refresh and uplift you. Among the serene snowy scenery, you’ll feel a deep sense of tranquility and harmony with nature that is truly rejuvenating. Immerse yourself in the beauty of winter and set off on a snowshoeing journey at Silver Star, where each step brings you closer to the magic of the winter wonderland.

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