Town Hall & Coffee+

"Come on down to Town Hall & Coffee for a scrumptious breakfast or a filling lunch in Silver Star!"

Explore British Columbia’s culinary paradise at Town Hall & Coffee, where delightful scents and delicious flavors are ready to excite your taste buds. Situated in Silver Star, this cozy restaurant invites you to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch like never before. Indulge in fluffy pancakes, hearty omelets, gourmet sandwiches, and flavorful salads that are sure to please every palate.

Looking for a relaxing breakfast or a satisfying lunch break? Town Hall & Coffee offers a special dining experience against the beautiful backdrop of Silver Star. Come join us for a culinary adventure packed with friendly service, delicious flavors, and a welcoming atmosphere that will have you returning time and time again.

"Town Hall & Coffee+: Where Fast Service Meets Exceptional Dining"

SilverStar’s newly renovated Town Hall offers fast service and great food. It’s an ideal stop for a hot breakfast or satisfying lunch for anyone wanting to warm up, eat, and get back on the mountain in a hurry. Choose from an array of snacks and affordable meals including burgers, fresh chili, and freshly made sandwiches. Or, grab a hot beverage from Coffee+, now offering 100% Organic Cherry Hill Coffee.

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Vegetarian options

Grab’n’Go options



Daily, 6:00am to 2:00pm


Town Hall, Silver Star Mountain, BC V1B 3M1

Village Map


PHONE: 800.663.4431

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To sum up, Town Hall & Coffee welcomes you to the culinary heaven of British Columbia, filled with delicious aromas and tasty dishes. Located in Silver Star, this charming eatery invites you to savor a scrumptious breakfast or lunch. Whether you choose fluffy pancakes or gourmet sandwiches, each visit guarantees a unique culinary journey.

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